Walker Township Centre County, Pennsylvania


Burning - Walker Township does not currently have a local burn ordinance.  Please be respectful of your neighbors and the weather conditions when burning on your property.  If you are burning a significant amount, please contact the Centre County Non-Emergency Office at 800-479-0050 to report a 'scheduled burn'.


Excessive Noise - Walker Township does not have a noise ordinance.  Please be respectful of your neighbors when doing outside activities - this also includes any pets that are outside.  We get many calls about dogs barking continuously - day and night.


Facility Rental - The Township Park has two pavilions available to rent at $25 each.  Please call the Township Office @ 383-2859 to reserve.


Garbage Collection - The Township does not have a municipal garbage hauler.  Our residents are free to choose a hauler of their choice.  Check either the yellow pages or search the internet for a list of local haulers.


Permits - Yes we require zoning permits; they must be obtained prior to any construction or change to your property.  We do not require solicitation permits.  See Zoning for more information.


Recycling - If yours is not picked up curbside, please feel free to use the Centre County Solid Waste bins behind the Walker Township Municipal Building.


Walker Township Water Association - We are not affiliated with this office.  Even though their office is located in the Township Building, we are not able to connect you.  You can reach them at 383-9955.


Weeds - Walker Township does not currently have a weed ordinance.  We do however have a nuisance ordinance which can be found under Zoning.





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Office Hours

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Thursday


816 Nittany Valley Drive
Bellefonte, PA  16823 


  • Ronald Burd, Chairman
  • Keith Harter, Vice-Chairman
  • James Heckman, Road Master

Secretary / Treasurer

  • Donna L. Reese

Public Works

  • James Heckman, Road Master
  • Brian Saiers, Road Foreman
  • Paul Gentzel, Crew


  • John R. Miller, III

Zoning Officer

  • Vaughn Zimmerman

Township Engineer

  • Donald M. Franson, P.E., P.L.S.


Contact Information

  • 816 Nittany Valley Drive
    Bellefonte, PA  16823
  • Office: (814) 383 - 2859
    Garage: (814) 383 - 2900
    Fax: (814) 383 - 2330
  • walkertownship@gotmc.net